Michele Bachmann Dance: Coming to a hip-hop club near you [VIDEO]

Do the Bachmann Dance!
Do the Bachmann Dance!

Just because Michele Bachmann has dropped out of the GOP presidential race doesn't mean we're done making fun of her. Oh no, not by a long shot, especially now that video has surfaced of her dancing.

The rhythmless dancing is bad enough, but stay tuned till the end to watch Bachmann ironically addressing people as "soul sister" and "soul brother." It brings to mind the time when she put on her best Ebonics to tell Michael Steele, "You be da man!"

It appears that Bachmann waited until she was out of the race to reveal her deepest, darkest secret: She really wants to be black.

With any luck, the Bachmann Dance will be like the Soulja Boy Dance and inspire imitative videos from cool hip hop heads all across America. If you feel so inspired, record a video of yourself doing the Bachmann Dance and send it to [email protected]

Personally, I think Marcus Bachmann has the better dance moves in the family:

Marcus Bachmann in "Believe" from city pages on Vimeo.

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