Michele Bachmann contradicts herself in new radio, TV ads [VIDEO]

The Bachmann-Graves race has heated up this week.
The Bachmann-Graves race has heated up this week.

One day after Jim Graves hit the airwaves with his first TV ad, Michele Bachmann counter-punched with a new ad of her own.

-- Bachmann and Jim Graves now neck and neck as Michele's favorability tanks
-- Controversial Stillwater bridge project approved by U.S. House
-- Michele Bachmann is making shit up in her latest fundraising e-mail

Bachmann's new TV ad comes on the heels of a radio ad that's been running on WCCO and other local stations. But, as if often the case with Michele, close scrutiny reveals that something's amiss in the logic department. You see, the TV ad characterizes Graves as "big spendin' Jim," citing Graves' support for the 2009 federal stimulus. But the radio ad praises Bachmann for being "a job creator" by shepherding a new $690 million Stillwater bridge through Congress, a project that she tried and failed to pay for with those same stimulus funds.

The radio ad can be heard here. It features a number of narrators singing Bachmann's praises. Highlights include (emphasis mine):

She's here every week fighting for Minnesota jobs because she's a job creator too... She's an independent voice fighting wasteful spending, even within her own party...

And Michele worked with both parties to cut Washington's red tape to build the new St. Croix bridge... Michele Bachmann is Minnesota.

And here's the new TV ad where she a narrator says, "Big Spendin' Jim supported the wasteful trillion-dollar stimulus":

As we reported in October 2010, Bachmann wrote a letter to Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood asking him to allot $300 million in stimulus funds for the St. Croix bridge project. But the bridge didn't get a slice of the stimulus pie, meaning Minnesota and Wisconsin will split the cost of the $690 million project. Even fellow tea partiers criticized her hypocrisy.

Furthermore, a new fundraising email distributed by the Bachmann campaign characterizes Graves' mild-mannered, autobiographical TV ad as "senseless attacks from a ruthless opponent." With her congressional seat in jeopardy, Bachmann clearly won't let truth get in the way of her bid to win reelection.

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