Michele Bachmann comes out in favor of torture


Michele Bachmann longs for the good ol' days.

You know, back when George W. Bush ran this country, and terms like "health care reform" and "stimulus package" were distant from our everyday vocabularies. Back when a man could pour water over another man's face to simulate drowning, and it wasn't called torture. It was called being a patriot.

In Saturday night's presidential debate on CBS, Bachmann made the case for bringing back waterboarding, the controversial interrogation method used on terrorism suspects during the Bush administration.

"If I were president, I would be willing to use waterboarding," she announced, earning an eery applause from the audience. "And I also would like to say that today, under Barack Obama, he is allowing the ACLU to run the CIA...It is as though we have decided we want to lose in the War on Terror, under President Obama."

On Sunday, Meet the Press host David Gregory grilled Bachmann on her statements about Obama being soft on terrorism.

"Did you feel that way after he killed Osama Bin Laden?" asked Gregory. "Did you feel that way after he ordered more drone attacks on terrorists in Pakistan than the previous administration?"

Bachmann agreed that Obama has made some good "tactical" moves during his time in the White House, but maintained his administration has been filled with "strategic blunders."

"The only thing that we have available to us today is the Army field manual," continues Bachmann. "That's online. So terrorists can go ahead and read ahead of time what will happen to them when we capture them. And it's really, effectively, when we capture them today, it's a slap on the wrists. I want to save American lives, and that's why I want the CIA to have every tool available to them so we can win the War on Terror."

Herman Cain also said he would reinstate waterboarding over the weekend if he becomes president.

Obama was apparently not persuaded by Bachmann and Cain's arguments, however. At a press conference in Hawaii Sunday, he said the practice of waterboarding is "torture" and "contrary to America's traditions."

Watch the segment of Meet the Press here:

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