Michele Bachmann co-sponsors English-only bill

Fresh off doubling down with the birthers, history-challenged Rep. Michele Bachmann is now throwing in with the English-only crowd.

Bachmann has co-sponsored a bill from Iowa Rep. Steve King, "To declare English as the official language of the United States, to establish a uniform English language rule for naturalization, and to avoid misconstructions of the English language texts of the laws of the United States."

The bill recognizes the country's diverse ethnic, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds, but asserts that English must be their common bond. (Note: Like it is and always has been.) All official government business must henceforth then be conducted in English. Without such action, the authors suggest, there's less hope of immigrants becoming real Americans.

Good thing Bachmann wasn't around when all those Scandinavians migrated to Minnesota. She would have been appalled at the way government coddled them -- in their native tongues -- to get to the polls and take part in their adopted country's democracy.

Here, again, are those Minnesota voting instructions in Norwegian and Swedish -- thanks to the Minnesota Historical Society:

Minnesota voting instructions in Norwegian.
Minnesota voting instructions in Norwegian.
Minnesota voting instructions in Swedish.
Minnesota voting instructions in Swedish.

Without English-only laws, these migrants turned out just fine, just as generations of immigrants have since then.

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