Michele Bachmann channels Randy Moss

Crazy congresswoman Michele Bachmann gets offended by Tarryl Clark and begs for cash.

But now she's flying the purple and gold for prodigal Viking Randy Moss, who managed to offend just about everyone in Minnesota before he was first traded away to Oakland in 2005. Maybe she should be asking for straight cash, homie.

Moss is back, of course. And Bachmann was captured wearing his No. 84 jersey on the Pioneer Press's political blog. It's good that she supports the Vikings, but did she really have to pick the Vikings' most notorious wide receiver?

Among Moss's bad boy credits: Bumping a traffic cop in downtown Minneapolis and getting arrested; smoking dope; walking off the field early in a game against the Redskins; and infamously pretending to moon fans at Lambeau Field in 2005 while helping the Vikings beat the Packers during the playoffs.

"I already know it's going to be bananas,'' Moss said, of Sunday's upcoming game against the Dallas Cowboys at the Metrodome.

Bachmann the family-values Republican, however, has already gone bananas.

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