Michele Bachmann challenged by RAT PAC

By his own estimation, retired tile contractor Dan Day's been knocking around DFL politics in the 6th congressional district since about 2002, and he's been working against Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann ever since volunteering for Patty Wetterling's failed campaign against the Stillwater conservative in 2006. Yesterday, he went a step further: He announced the Residents for Accuracy and Truth Political Action Committee -- RAT PAC -- to try and bring Bachmann's two-term incumbency to an end.

"Michele is all about representing herself and not representing the members of her district," he said. "It's time to rise up and do something."

Here's the text of the press release:

ANOKA, Minn.--A new, Minnesota-based political action committee has been formed to target Michele Bachmann's real record as the U.S. representative for the 6th Congressional District.

Residents for Accuracy and Truth is comprised of Bachmann constituents tired of watching their representative on Fox News rather than getting a chance to see her anywhere in the 6th District.

"There's something symbolic about making this announcement on April 1," said David Day, an Anoka County resident and spokesman for the RAT PAC. "But with Bachmann, everyday really is April Fools' Day. As millions of Americans have seen over the past three years, if there's a camera crew on-hand, Michele is more than willing to provide them with all the bloopers YouTube can handle."

Bachmann is set to appear next week at a Minneapolis (5th Congressional District) rally and fundraiser with former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. In advance of what Day sarcastically said "promises to be a proud day for Minnesota," the group released the following video: http://tinyurl.com/yda4fry

"It may make us as crazy as she is, but we're proud to take on the task of trying to keep Bachmann honest," Day said. "Despite what people outside our district think, most people here aren't like Bachmann, but she gets away with doing what she does because only periodically do her outrageous statements get press coverage. The 'anti-American' stuff from 2008 made her famous, but to those of us who have been living with her for a while--we know that's nothing new."

The RAT PAC will be making appearances at events throughout the 6th Congressional District between now and the election and the organization's Web site -- www.stopbachmann.com -- will serve as a one-stop shop for those looking to understand Bachmann's full record.

"For $10,000 you can get a photo with Bachmann and Palin," Day said. "We're a cheaper date. You can join our team for a dollar."

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