Michele Bachmann caught spouting crap again by PolitiFact

Michele Bachmann told the Values Voters last weekend that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi dropped $100,000 on a bar tab while jet-setting around the globe.

PolitiFact has concluded that Bachmann -- yet again - isn't telling the truth. How ironic that she broke one of the 10 Commandments at a conference for the morals police.

Speaker Pelosi "has been busy, uh, sticking the taxpayer with her $100,000 bar tab for alcohol on the military jets that she's flying," Bachmann told the wingers.

Pelosi was actually flying aboard Air Force One in 2008, in the U.S. and overseas, under a protocol set in place by George W. Bush, and followed by Pelosi's predecessor, GOP Speaker Dennis Hastert.

Her $100,000 "bar tab" was in fact an report for all in-flight expenses including for 12 trips with her staff, and a Congressional delegation trip to the Middle East, that included "baggage fees, meeting room rentals and refreshments, and, frequently, good-will lapel pins, as well as meals, ground transportation and lodging in U.S. territory."

PolitiFact extrapolated the booze bill from that expense report and estimated that, at most, "the total cost of alcohol would have been something less than $7,000, far lower than Bachmann's $100,000."

And when you consider the Congressional delegation was visiting Middle East hubs best known for their inhabitants living in perpetual fear of getting shot, blown up or tortured to death, we suspect there wasn't enough drinking going on.

What happened over the weekend was that Bachmann took a report by a third party - the conservative Judicial Watch - and didn't let the facts get in the way of a good story.

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