Michele Bachmann calls the U.S. Attorney General a "trial lawyer"

Michele Bachmann invoked the Charge of the Light Brigade, and epic British military failure, as a rallying cry for teabagger victory against health care reform.

She flubbed the history of the Slaughter Solution.

She got net neutrality exactly backwards.

Now, Bachmann has called the U.S. Attorney General a "trial lawyer."

Writing a post for the right wing Big Government website, she said:

President Obama has once again shown his lack of judgment, by sending Attorney General Eric Holder down to the Gulf of Mexico to investigate possible litigation. Clearly, the White House has misplaced priorities, instead of sending more engineers and experts, we are sending down trial lawyers to determine possible punitive damages.

Leaving aside the novelty of Bachmann calling for greater government involvement in anything -- Obama should be commandeering boats! -- surely she realizes that the U.S. Attorney General represents the government and the Department of Justice enforces the law. Trial lawyers represent clients accused of breaking the law, or clients involved in civil legal disputes.

The Department of Justice has begun a criminal investigation into whether BP broke laws including the The Clean Water Act, the Oil Pollution Act, and the Endangered Species Act. It may also exact fines (perhaps in the billions of dollars) from BP if it is found liable.

And, yes, civil lawsuits are already piling up.

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