Michele Bachmann calls Sarah Palin a bad mother

Bachmann opens a new front in the mommy wars.

Bachmann opens a new front in the mommy wars.

Remember when Sarah Palin dragged her family into the 2008 presidential election, presented her pregnant, unwed teenage daughter Bristol as the poster child for Christian values, and then got all steamed with the media for daring to wonder just what in the hell she was doing?

Imagine what she's thinking now. Because now, fellow conservative Michele Bachmann is taking a none-too-subtle swipe at Palin's mothering instincts.


There's a video making the rounds from last weekend's Faith and Freedom Conference where Bachmann is caught on tape telling Ralph Reed that a good Christian woman waits until all her kids are grown up and out of the house before trying to grab the big brass ring.

"We've raised a lot of children, five biological children, 23 foster kids," Bachmann says. "This fall our youngest two will go off to college, so we're coming to the conclusion now of 29 years of parenting, and I think that's one life lesson that you learn. That sometimes you have patience and wait to do certain things in your life. "

"There's a time and a season for everything," Reed says.

"There's a time and a season for everything, that's right," Bachmann replies. [Hat tip: Avidor]

Quick, name a Republican woman who may run for the White House, with five kids younger than 20, who doesn't have 29 years of parenting under her belt. Hint: It's the woman who Bachmann's campaign guru Ed Rollins calls a lightweight quitter, and NOT "the intelligent woman who's every bit as attractive."