Michele Bachmann calls John McCain a tax-and-spend liberal


Michele Bachmann's op-ed in today's Strib takes a bold stance on climate change. She's for it.

Bachmann slings rhetorical arrows at the market-based cap-and-trade system of reducing greenhouse gas emissions thusly:

From its name, cap-and-trade legislation sounds harmless enough. Unfortunately, cap-and-trade would be more aptly called "tax and trade" or "tax and spend" and it is far from harmless, posing a serious threat to our economy and our personal freedoms.

A boldly worded, if factually challenged, argument. The thing is ... cap and trade is also John McCain's stated climate change policy.

Sure, McCain is probably all talk on the issue. It doesn't seem his position is fleshed out, and it's more likely a grab at independent votes than a deep conviction. But the timing of Bachmann's zig and McCain's zag couldn't have been worse. This is an opportunity for some enterprising journalist to ask the congresswoman: did you intend to so fiercely oppose your candidate's policy?

Chances are, this means no kissy-face between Bachmann and McCain.