Michele Bachmann calls for deregulation of health insurance industry


Michele Bachman, speaking at the Family Research Council conference in Washington, DC, has called for deregulation of the health insurance industry, saying that a lack of federal requirements for insurance companies would allow more choice for the consumer.

But Melinda Warner over at Media Matters notes that a deregulated insurance industry could deny coverage for any reason, including being a domestic violence survivor or an acne sufferer - or could pull coverage from existing customers without good reason.

Here's the full quote and video from the horse's mouth.

If we would remove this federal, uh, law that creates these private monopolies, then states would be competing with each other. So if you have very high level of mandates in one state, but a very low level of mandates in another, people would be able to buy an insurance policy from the state that had a very low level of mandates. In fact, some states may decide to have zero mandates, so you can sell whatever insurance policy you want.