Michele Bachmann calls Barack Obama's birth certificate a facsimile

Why is it so hard for Michele Bachmann to just come out and say that President Barack Obama is an American citizen?

Her latest embrace of birther conspiracy theories comes in the pages of Christianity Today -- where you'd think some adherence to the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule might be in order.

Here's what she said.

Michele Bachmann calls Barack Obama's birth certificate a facsimile

I don't understand why the President doesn't just solve this issue. He could disclose his official birth certificate, and my understanding is that hasn't been done. And there's some facsimile, apparently, of something that is different. If the president says that he was born here, then I take him at his word. Within a minute the President could make this controversy go away. I don't understand why he doesn't do that.

The "facsimile, apparently, of something that is different," is nothing of the sort. It's the same kind of official birth certificate that the State of Hawaii issues at the birth of all its citizens, complete with a raised seal and certificate number. It's available for anyone to see. Here it is:

To his credit, another Minnesotan who wants to be president, Tim Pawlenty, has dismissed the birthers, and their latest celebrity spokesman Donald Trump, as the hucksters they are.

I just don't believe, with the [newspaper] advertisement, with the hospital announcement, with the certificate of live birth, that somebody that long ago, you know, fabricated and created a fraudulent situation [so] that Barack Obama could be where he is today. I just don't believe that.

Why can't Michele Bachmann say the same thing?

Karl Rove has a theory about this: Obama wants birthers around, just so they can keep the Republican Party in a death grip.

Bachmann and the birthers:

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