Michele Bachmann book deal includes "assist" from John Fund

With Monday's debate in her rearview mirror, the rehabilitation of Michele Bachmann from Minnesota's Crazy Congresswoman to Serious Presidential Candidate continues apace.

Word is out this morning that she's inked a deal to publish a memoir to be co-written by Wall Street Journal columnist John Fund, who once co-authored a Rush Limbaugh screed.

Fund's also the guy who got caught making up scary stories out of whole cloth about a "universal voter registration bill" last year. And, when faced with the inconvenient fact that Barack Obama really is an American citizen by birth, started suggesting there was something fishy about the president's college career instead.

John Fund will tell it like it is. Trust him.
John Fund will tell it like it is. Trust him.

And since book deals like Bachmann's are hardly conceived and signed overnight, we'll go out on a limb here and suggest that Fund's involvement with the congresswoman's project predated Monday's debate. And we're wondering whether his editors know or care that he's now a bought-and-paid-for Bachmann surrogate.

Fund watched Monday night's debate and wrote admiringly in the Journal that "Bachmann "performed well and stole headlines by announcing she was entering the race during her first debate answer." But he was pretty certain no one in the room laid a glove on Mitt Romney.

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