Michele Bachmann blows Sarah Palin a big fundraising thank you kiss

We noted the other day that Republican Michele Bachmann and her Democratic challenger, Tarryl Clark, both raised more campaign cash in the second quarter -- $1.7 million and $910,000 respectively-- than full-time publicity hound Sarah Palin's $865,000.

The haul is indicative of just how important the CD6 race has become to both Republicans and Democrats; money's pouring in from all over. And today, Bachmann penned a piece in Politico demonstrating that she knows exactly who's responsible for the avalanche of cash into her coffers:

It is important to recognize Palin's effect on our fundraising numbers. Our successful fundraising is due, in part, to the fact that she dedicated her time and efforts to come to Minnesota in April to help my reelection campaign.

That "effort" was a downtown Minneapolis fundraiser on April 7 by the two women state GOP deputy chair Michael Brodkorb calls the gold standard for fundraising. The FEC has not yet posted the campaign fundraising stats for the second quarter, so we don't know precisely what the Minneapolis event was worth to Bachmann.

In Politico, she wrote:

My race wasn't the only race that Palin worked hard to raise money for. She's lent her presence to raising money for nonprofits and political groups, as well as other candidates. Her effect on all aspects of politics shouldn't be undersold. We are all grateful for her support of constitutional conservatives around the nation.

And she's still convinced ACORN is out to get her.

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