Michele Bachmann blames reporters for her American Revolution gaffe

Just the other day, Rep. Michele Bachmann single-handedly relocated the opening battle of the American Revolution from Massachusetts to New Hampshire. Journalists took note. Embarrassing headlines were written.

Now Bachmann, who has previously funked the history of slavery, the Founding Fathers, and even the Charge of the Light Brigade, is playing the victim card.

She says that if President Barack Obama had gone to New Hampshire and said, "You're the state where the shot was heard around the world in Lexington and Concord," journalists would never have reported the epic gaffe.

Bachmann reports on her own gaffe, along with the mainstream media.
Bachmann reports on her own gaffe, along with the mainstream media.

"All 3,400 members of the mainstream media are part of the Obama press contingent," she complained on the Laura Ingraham show -- while displaying an impressive flair for detail about the precise number working journalists in the world. [Listen here.]

It's just not fair, she said. On the 2008 campaign trail, Obama thought 10,000 people, rather than about a dozen, had died in Kansas tornadoes. He managed the geographically impossible feat of stumping for votes in 57 states. Where was the mainstream media then?

Reporting the gaffes, as it turns out.

Those exaggerated tornado deaths? Fox News, the largest cable news channel in America, carried the story. The 57 states quip? You can find it right here in the Los Angeles Times.

Michele Bachmann can't even get her double standards right.

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