Michele Bachmann blames news of federal ethics investigation on "political adversaries"

It's always somebody else's fault, isn't it Michele?
It's always somebody else's fault, isn't it Michele?

Michelle Bachmann's spokesman blames the disclosure of a federal investigation into allegations Bachmann violated campaign finance rules during her ill-fated presidential run on "political adversaries in an attempt to disparage her reputation as a top target of the DCCC [Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee] and Democratic Super PACs."

"Unfortunately, the disclosure of the existence of this review is a predictable and politically motivated attack," Bachmann's spokesman, Dan Kotman, told the Star Tribune.

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But John Avlon, the author of the original Daily Beast scoop about the investigation, flatly denies Democrats had anything to do with the disclosure.

Here's what he tweeted last night:

It should also be noted that the financial misconduct allegations were first brought to light thanks to a FEC complaint filed by Peter Waldron, Michele's colorful and embittered National Field Coordinator during her presidential campaign.

In other words, it appears Democrats have little to nothing to do with the latest mess Michele finds herself in. So it appears her spokesman's statement is another example of Michele making shit up as she goes.

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