Michele Bachmann blames Dems for ethics allegations made by her own ex-staffers

Bachmann's logic: If there's a problem, it's undoubtedly Democrats' fault.
Bachmann's logic: If there's a problem, it's undoubtedly Democrats' fault.

Here are the facts: Michele Bachmann is under federal investigation for allegedly violating campaign finance laws during her ill-fated presidential run. The investigation began after Bachmann's former National Field Coordinator, Peter Waldron, filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission. Waldron is an evangelical conservative who claims to have worked for Republicans spanning the gamut from Ronald Reagan to John McCain.

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Democrats have no involvement anywhere in that paragraph. Yet that isn't stopping Bachmann from blaming them for the ethics investigation.

During remarks made to reporters earlier today, Bachmann said allegations her campaign engaged in prohibited funds transfers and under-the-table payments are "not true." Regarding the ultimate goals of those who called for the investigation in the first place, she said, "There's political motivations that are involved because I've been named as the number one target [for] defeat by the Democrat Party, by Nancy Pelosi and also by SuperPACs so, you know no one can know anyone's thoughts or intents, but clearly it looks like it's politically motivated."

Those remarks prompted an intrepid reporter to remind Bachmann that the allegations were made by her own staff, not Democrats.

But Bachmann, who recently bragged about not getting any facts wrong during her presidential run, wasn't in the mood to use logic.

"No, that's not true" she said to the reporter before moving on to other topics.

Though Bachmann was wrong about the important stuff, she was right to point out that she's a top target of Democrats heading into the next campaign cycle. She was recently named one of the nation's 10 most "vulnerable Republicans" by the House Majority PAC, which spent $36 million in 52 congressional districts last year, including $1.5 million in a successful effort to defeat Chip Cravaack.

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