Michele Bachmann basks in Hawaii sun while we freeze and vets burn [VIDEO]


Rep. Michele Bachmann told Bloomberg's Margaret Carlson that she couldn't comment on the turmoil in Egypt because she was "concentrating on district work" -- teabaggers in Honolulu being part of her district.

She has quite the fan club in the land of Five-0, it turns out.

"I want a mental affair with her," city councilman Tom Berg over-shared with Honolulu Civil Beat. "I want to meet her. Even just 10 seconds with her to get my photo taken."

Maybe she should concentrate on her real congressional district. She told the islanders that livid veterans back home are burning up her phone lines because she wants to cut their benefits. Too bad, she said before jetting off to Maui, they just have to learn to live tighter budgets.

Watch (Video take a few moments to launch):

Hat tip: Avidor.

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