Michele Bachmann at CPAC: "Hu's your daddy" [VIDEOS] [UPDATE]

Bachmann looked at the right camera this time.

Bachmann looked at the right camera this time.

Conservatives in Washington, D.C., got a full dose of Rep. Michele Bachmann with their morning coffee today.

She kicked off her CPAC keynote address by lampooning her inability to look at the right camera for her State of the Union speech, slagged Barack Obama as socialist, and drew some laughs linking the national debt to the president of China, Hu Jintao.

‚ÄčWhat was Bachmann looking at during Tea Party SOTU Response?


"With all the money that we owe China," she said, "I think you might correctly say, Hu's your daddy."

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Watch the highlight reel:

UPDATE: Bachmann calls health care reform -- a massive windfall for private health insurance companies -- the "crown jewel" of socialism [VIDEO]:

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