Michele Bachmann assails conservative opponents in new ad

Michele Bachmann's campaign ads have continued to be a mind-boggling facet of this presidential race.

A couple months ago, she released four minutes of what looked like a bad Power Point presentation that made us think her campaign was running on fumes. Her new ad, released earlier this week, manages to assail the cast of conservative opponents in a single minute using their own words.

The ad was released with an accompanying website called "No Surprises 2012." The gist is that everyone else is a flip-flopper. With Bachmann, you get what you pay for.

The web-only ad begins with footage of Mitt Romney saying that abortion should be legal, and pretty much goes from there. Ron Paul thinks Iran should have nukes. Newt Gingrich loves Nancy Pelosi. Romney and Gingrich invented the health care mandate. Rick Perry is, well, an idiot.

Coincidentally, the ad comes out just after a new poll that puts Bachmann in sixth place in the race for the nomination.

See it for yourself:

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