Michele Bachmann and the Jesus of Azkaban

Well, it was quiet a week for Rep. Michele Bachmann (R). In her continual battle against pinkos, homos, Democrats and plaque, she went bat-shit crazy once again on local talk radio. Her comments landed her on MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann, the Huffington Post, and most every other left-leaning blog in the nation. But while this happened, the Democrats around her gave her a gift: 9,500 estimated jobs to her district. How does she do it? Answer: Sorcery.

Since 2005, Ken Avidor has been following the madness of Michele on his top-notch blog, Dump Bachmann. Even he seems, at times, blown away by her bluster. "Where do you begin," he says. "I don't know a lot about her motivations, but the thing about Bachman is she's driven by her inner demons to seek out embarrassing situations. Seriously, the one thing her entertainment quality overshadows... is that she really is terrible. She has given the state a very bad name."

Yes. We know. We, too, find it hard to just document the insanity. At times, her smile has put us under a trance. Now, we think her jaw just might unhinge, allowing Rush Limbaugh to step out.

As for the jobs coming from the great stimulus bill that Team Hope dubbed an economic recovery act (and you all thought Bush was good with Orwellian language), Bachmann must love it. The whole lack of earmarks in it allows her district to benefit while she doesn't give up a foot of street cred, or whatever you call street cred when you wear Houndstooth...

Which gets us back to sorcery. This is the only way to explain it, right? C'mon, she sorta has a Bellatrix Lestrange vibe. How else could she benefit the most from a bill passed by Demo-god?

"I don't think it had anything to do with any of us," says Rick Jauert with a laugh, press pointman for Rep. Keith Ellison (D). "It is just coincidental."

Yeah. That's what Vernon Dursley thought, too.