Michele Bachmann and the census worker murder


Crazy Michele Bachmann has said many foolish things as of late, but who can forget her crusade against the census?

Bachmann proclaimed that she wouldn't fill out the census form because she was worried about being rounded up and put into Japanese internment camps (sorry folks, there's no making sense of it).

Now a census worker has been found in what appears to be an anti-government lynching. Does Bachmann own some responsibility?

Dusty Trice makes the case:

Bachmann went after the census workers, saying she was worried that the information they collected might be used to put Americans in concentration camps. Then on 9/12/09 a census worker is found hanged near a cemetary in Kentucky, his corpse desecrated with what appears to be anti-government language carved into his chest.

I'm going to say it again because sadly I feel it bears repeating. I strongly believe that the inflammatory rhetoric Rep. Michele Bachmann thinks passes for policy debate is going to end in violence.