Michele Bachmann and Tarryl Clark yell down to the wire

Debate tactics: As long as you keep talking, no one will be able to hear your opponents' arguments.

Debate tactics: As long as you keep talking, no one will be able to hear your opponents' arguments.

It was probably a good tactical move on part of KSTP to throw Independence party candidate Bob Anderson between Michele Bachmann and Tarryl Clark in its Sixth District congressional debate yesterday.

Bachmann and Clark couldn't make it 10 minutes into the debate before they abandoned all pleasantries and reverted to simply trying to talk louder than each other.


If we're to believe what passed for a high-decibel debate, both candidates are liars and we're screwed either way when we head to the polls tomorrow.

When talk turned to voting records, Bachmann couldn't contain herself over Clark's accusation that Bachmann told a Star Tribune columnist and TV show host she supported a 2008 amendment that would raise the sales tax.

"You told Ron Shara, you told Dennis Anderson--," began Clark.

"This is wrong," jumped in Bachmann. "This is a lie."

"No, I've talked -- I've talked to them," retorted Clark, trying to talk over Bachamnn's vehement denial. "Can you let me finish, Congresswoman?"

"I'm the referee in the middle," joked Anderson.

The Uptake has some post-debate footage of the candidates talking to reporters, including a snub from Bachmann when Uptake reporter Craig Stellmacher tries to ask a question.

"Do you think the media has--" began Stellmacher.

"No," interjected Bachmann, cutting him off. "I'm talking to these two."

Well, so much for pleasantries. Here's what Stellmacher would have asked, according to the Uptake's website:

I wanted to talk to all three about how the media had covered their race. I'd planed to ask all of them: "Do you think the media has accurately portrayed you and your opponent?" Only thing is, Bachmann is now refusing to talk to TheUptake, when she had taken my questions previously.

You can watch the whole shouting match here, but you might want to pop some Asprin in advance.