Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin headline teabagger day

Tarryl Clark's probably feeling pretty good about the $1.1 million she's raised to try and turn Rep. Michele Bachmann out of office.

But she's up against a fact-challenged incumbent who's happy to charge donors $10,000 a pop for a photo op with Sarah Palin today. And we're pretty sure they won't get a discount if they already coughed up cash to wish Bachmann a happy birthday.

The District 6 Crazy Congresswoman and Palin, a failed vice presidential candidate who bailed in the middle of her second term as governor of Alaska so she could promote a book, and who now rakes in heavy cash as a Fox News yakker, headline an afternoon fundraiser at the Minneapolis Hilton. Then they head down the street to the Minneapolis Convention Center for a rally.

As if that's not enough red meat of the Republican faithful -- state GOP deputy chair Michael Brodkorb calls Palin and Bachmann the "gold standard" -- Sean Hannity's going to be on hand too, signing copies of his latest screed and broadcasting his Fox News show.

Gov. Tim Pawlenty's jumping on the cash cow too.

"On April 7th, thousands of you will join me to welcome Governor Sarah Palin to Minneapolis for a rally to salute Michele for her leadership and continue the fight to elect common-sense conservatives in 2010," he says without a trace of irony.

Minneapolis DFL Rep. Keith Ellison, in whose district the GOP love fest is taking place, is using the event to raise money too. And he, along with Rep. Betty McCollum are taking part in a rally at the state Capitol this morning organized by the Minnesota AFL-CIO.

Clark, as we've mentioned before, has set up a Web site for supporters to have their photos appear next to Palin and Bachmann -- for free.

And she's campaigning today in suburban CD6, not Minneapolis.

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