Michele Bachmann agrees she's sponsored no significant legislation


Why was Michele Bachmann elected, and then re-elected to represent Minnesota's 6th District in Congress? To legislate, one would imagine. What has she accomplished in Congress? Nothing significant, she tells the St. Cloud Times. She also called herself a freshman, when in fact she's a sophomore:

"I was involved in a foster care amendment to support and encourage people in foster care. It is a very important issue. Sen. Mary Landrieu and I are working on the Haiti situation. We are trying to put together initiatives so that children can actually go into homes and not stay in institutions their whole life. I was able to pass this resolution honoring people in foster care. I am in the deep minority in Congress and a fairly new freshman, so I don't have substantive bills that I have passed. I would love to. The very first bill I introduced was the Health Care Freedom of Choice Act."

Following up, MinnPost's Derek Wallbank writes:

"According to the Library of Congress, Bachmann has succeeded in getting exactly zero bills passed so far this session. ... But most of her legislation, like her health-care reform bill that would make all health care costs tax deductible and allow the purchase of insurance across state lines, has been introduced and referred to committee, never to be heard from again."

Meanwhile, of course, she has plenty of time to hold made-for-TV health care rallies, appearances with Sean Hannity, interviews on talk radio, speeches before right-wing groups like CPAC and the Constitutional Coalition -- and a drink with Tim Pawlenty. No wonder her constituents worry that she's more interested in the D.C. limelight than looking out for her district, and she's been compared to Father Charles Coughlin in a new book on political wingnuts.