Michele Bachmann admits Barack Obama is a patriot

Bachmann changes her tune: Obama isn't anti-American after all.

Bachmann changes her tune: Obama isn't anti-American after all.

First Tim Pawlenty went out on a Republican limb and boldly admitted that Barack Obama is really a natural-born American citizen.

Now Michele Bachmann is risking her tea party bona fides by admitting that the President of these United States really is a patriot, and really does love his country.

Next thing you know, one of them going to admit that man-made global climate change is real.

Oh, wait. Mitt Romney's already done that. And he's doomed.

Bachmann confessed the president's patriotism on Face The Nation, after being shown the infamous clip in which she calls him anti-American.

SCHIEFFER: Did you mean he was unpatriotic, that he didn't love this country?

BACHMANN: I don't question the President's patriotism at all.

Then Bachmann tried to steer the subject somewhere else, to economics. But Scheiffer wasn't done.

SCHIEFFER: But there's a long way between that and saying he's anti-American.

BACHMANN: I don't question his patriotism. I think what's most important is how has the President performed.

Now we're forward to her admitting that health care really isn't the "crown jewel of socialism."

Stranger things have already happened.