Michele Bachmann action figure

Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin dolls

Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin dolls

Look out, Barbie.

Herobuilders, a Connecticut toy company that has made custom scupts of Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber, has released the latest in its line of politically-themed action figures: Michele Bachmann.

MPR nabs the scoop for the first look at the toy, which does a serviceable job of capturing the Crazy Congresswoman's vacant stare and plasticine visage.


If only the designer had gone with his original intention to give her an assault weapon of some kind:


When asked what aspects of Bachmann "struck his fancy," Vicale said, "She's hot. Did I say that out loud? Yeah, I guess I did."

Bachmann will be dressed in a business suit. Vicale said he originally thought about having her hold a gun, "but I'm thinking 'no' this time."

Bachmann's slogan: "NOT knowing is half the battle."