Michael Swanson wants murder trials in juvenile court

Swanson isn't smiling now.

Swanson isn't smiling now.

Michael Richard Swanson, the St. Louis Park 17-year-old charged with killing two Iowa convenience store employees for little more than cash and cigarettes, says he's too young to face the music as an adult.

Maybe he's rethinking that happy perp routine outside the Kossuth County jail, too.


The teen with the seriously troubled past was charged in November with killing 47-year-old clerk Vicky Bowman-Hall in Algona, and 61-year-old Sheila Meyers in Humbolt. Bowman-Hall was a mother of 11 children.

Police say Swanson stole his parents' Jeep Grand Cherokee, took a gun from their cabin up north, and then drove to Iowa. At both gas stations he demanded money, and got it. Then he gunned down the women anyway. Police arrested him at a McDonald's in Webster City, with the gun and stolen cigarettes.

Swanson made headlines for more than just being an alleged murderer. At his first court appearance, after reporters asked him why he had come to Iowa, he just laughed.

"Y'all are funny," Swanson said, as photographers caught his smile that was later splashed all over the region's newspapers.

But a double homicide isn't funny, and Swanson was charged as an adult with murder. Yesterday, his lawyer filed motions to move his trials to juvenile court.

Swanson is being held in the Kossuth County jail on $1 million bond.