Michael Swanson, accused double murderer, was stalled by McDonald's workers who called the cops

Michael Richard Swanson was fooled by McDonald's employees.

Michael Richard Swanson was fooled by McDonald's employees.

Teenager Michael Swanson of St. Louis Park is accused of gunning down two Iowa convenience store workers in separate shootings last November, and he might not have been arrested were it not for the quick thinking of some McDonald's employees.

An Iowa jury heard the story yesterday in his trial over the murder of 61-year-old Sheila Myers on Nov. 15.

In the hours after the two shootings, Iowa police spread the word they were looking for a Jeep Cherokee with Minnesota plates believed to have been at the scene of both shootings.

The Jeep rolled up at the Webster City McDonald's drive-thru that same night, and Swanson rolled down the window and ordered a burger and some iced tea.

Workers recognized the car, and while one of them called the cops, another stalled Swanson with a bogus story about being out of beef. Chicken instead, she asked? Sure, Swanson said, and waited. As he was handed his iced tea, the cops showed up. The next day, the world was treated to the sight of Swanson smiling and laughing at his arraignment.

Swanson will tried in the murder of 47-year-old Vicky Bowman-Hall at a later date.