Michael Steele set to embarrass MN GOP in secret

Michael Steele is in the heezy.
Michael Steele is in the heezy.

Michael Steele, the chairman of the National Republican Party famous for perpetually having a mouthful of his own foot, is rallying the faithful in Minneapolis this afternoon.

The fund-raising lunch, being held at the Hilton at noon, is being hosted by the Elephant Club, a fancy affiliate of the state GOP that charges $1,000 just to be a member.

The bad news for fun-loving members of the public is that media is banned from Steele's event. Which raises the question: if a national figure makes an uproarious gaffe and no reporters hear it, did it really happen?

It seems a safe bet Steele will have something outrageous to say. Since assuming the national chairmanship in 2008, Steele has been nothing short of a gushing font of bloopers and wacky pronouncements from deep in Yastrzemski territory.

Earlier this year, Steele called the Afghanistan war, begun in 2001 at the behest of President Bush, "A war of Obama's choosing."

In 2009, Steele baffled both sides of the abortion debate when he told GQ magazine that abortion is "an individual choice." Social conservatives erupted in rage, and Steele spent the next several news cycles backpedaling furiously.

But Steele is probably best loved by connoisseurs of political hilarity for his declaration that he would give the GOP a "hip-hop makeover" by means of an "off the hook" re-branding campaign.

Like any great campaign, this one began at home, with Steele injecting his own special flavor into his photo-session with departing Republican Party interns.

Judging by the exquisite photos on its Flickr Feed, the Minnesota Elephant Club is fertile ground for Steele's effort to infuse more hip-hop into the GOP. Maybe MC Infidel will be there?

If any of you dope Young Elephants out there can give us the inside word on just what kind of wisdom Steele dropped today, we're all ears.

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