Michael Mumey Tased in the face after police chase


Michael Mumey, a 46-year-old Minneapolis man, had a less-than-pleasant trip to Illinois over the weekend.

After driving into a retaining wall, Mumey allegedly led police on a low-speed chase that ended with him getting a Taser right to the face.

The kicker: It happened in Tazewell County.

Here's how the evening-gone-awry unfolded, according Deputy Don Jolly of the Pekin Police Department:

Police got a report around 9:45 Sunday night that a man in a Lexus SUV had just driven straight through a retaining wall in the parking lot of an aquarium store. They found the Lexis in a nearby gas station, surrounded by people trying to stop the driver -- later identified as Mumey -- from fleeing the scene.

When the officer pulled into the parking lot, Mumey took off, and led the officer on a chase that topped out at about 35 MPH. Even at this speed, the car was swerving all over the place, says Jolly. "His tires actually struck the curb."

The Lexus eventually pulled into the driveway of a house, and the officer jumped out of his squad car, opened the door to the SUV, and ordered Mumey to step out. But Mumey didn't want to budge.

"He was kind of using arms and legs to brace himself in," says Jolly.

The officer eventually decided it was time to deploy the Taser. He shot Mumey once in "chest area," but the Taser didn't seem to be working. He tried to get him again in the shoulder, "but [Mumey] moved, and it struck him on the left cheek," says Jolly.

The officer shocked Mumey three times before he finally complied.

Mumey was taken to the hospital, then to jail. According to Jolly, Mumey's breath smelled like booze and officers found a pill bottle containing "a green leafy substance" in his pocket. He could face charges for DUI, possession of marijuana, fleeing police, and resisting arrest.

Jolly says Mumey wouldn't answer any of the police officers' questions, including why he was in Tazewell.

[HT: Pekin Times]

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