Michael Leisner, Cheerios-burning homophobe, under criminal investigation

Homophobia doesn't pay, kids.
Homophobia doesn't pay, kids.

-- General Mills protest: Homophobe megafails while trying to light Cheerios on fire [VIDEO]
-- The General Mills Cheerios-burning Flaming Homophobe is Michael Leisner, 65
-- Michael Leisner, Cheerios-burning homophobe, fired from job over General Mills protest

The news just keeps getting worse for 65-year-old Michael Leisner.

First he had to suffer through the embarrassment of having his blundering brand of scorched-grass homophobia put on public display after his son pulled a Brutus and posted footage of his General Mills anti-gay marriage protest to YouTube. Yesterday brought news that his antics cost him his job with Greater Midwest Properties, where he worked as a real estate broker. And now comes news that Leisner is being investigated for possible charges by the Golden Valley Police Department.

From The Smoking Gun:

Cops in Golden Valley, home to the food conglomerate, are probing Michael Leisner's recent blowtorch-aided demonstration next to the entrance to the firm's corporate campus.

Golden Valley Police Department Chief Stacy Carlson said the "ongoing investigation" began yesterday and could take a couple of weeks. She declined to say whether cops have spoken with the 65-year-old Leisner. Nor would she comment on what specific crimes are being investigated.

The news shouldn't come as a complete shock to Leisner. When asked earlier this week if he thought law enforcement might contact him with questions about his LOL-worthy homo-hating, he replied, "I suppose it's possible."

Still, news of the investigation prompts us to ask: How bad can it get for Leisner? If things continue to unravel on their current course, next we'll hear that his wife has filed for divorce. Won't that be ironic?

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