Michael Leisner, Cheerios-burning homophobe, fired from job over General Mills protest

As much as he loves the 'homosexual treat,' Leisner may have to be satisfied with generic-brand Cheerios from now on.
As much as he loves the 'homosexual treat,' Leisner may have to be satisfied with generic-brand Cheerios from now on.

:: UPDATE :: Michael Leisner, Cheerios-burning homophobe, under criminal investigation

-- The General Mills Cheerios-burning Flaming Homophobe is Michael Leisner, 65
-- General Mills protest: Homophobe megafails while trying to light Cheerios on fire [VIDEO]

Michael Leisner's blundering brand of scorched-grass homophobia has cost him his job.

Leisner, the 65-year-old "mastermind" behind the hilariously clumsy Cheerios-burning General Mills protest video, worked as a real estate broker for Greater Midwest Properties -- until they decided to cut him loose yesterday.

According to the Joe. My. God. blog, Greater Midwest yesterday began emailing the following statement to folks leaving complaints on the company's contact page:

Thank you for your comment. Greater Midwest Properties does not condone or support the actions of our independent contractors. Also, Greater Midwest Properties does not support the alleged destruction of property. Therefore, the agent's license will be returned to the Minnesota Department of Commerce. Greater Midwest Properties has no involvement in this incident and it is unrelated to us serving our clients in a professional manner. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. - Greater Midwest Properties.

As much as Leisner apparently dislikes homosexuals, we have to imagine he's at least equally upset with his son today. After all, according to Leisner himself, the fruit of his loins posted the embarrassing clip to YouTube, where it's now been viewed almost 300,000 times. Because of the video and its blowback, Leisner and his family may no longer be able to afford burning unopened boxes of 'homosexual treat' Cheerios like it ain't no thang.

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