Michael Juberian, star Augsburg linebacker, faces felony charge for Dinkytown riot


As of this morning, the only person charged with a felony in connection with either of the Dinkytown riots is 22-year-old Richfield native Michael Juberian. (See our photo recaps of Thursday night's riot here and Saturday night's here)

Juberian faces a felony count of rioting with a dangerous weapon and a gross misdemeanor count of assaulting a peace officer for allegedly throwing bottles, rock, and a chunk of concrete at cops during Saturday night's mayhem.

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The criminal complaint says that as the Dinkytown crowd amassed around officers following the Gophers' loss in the national championship game, "participants started throwing bottles and cans at police officers."


"One individual in particular, subsequently identified as [Juberian], threw numerous bottles at police officers," the complaint continues. "After the defendant would throw the bottles, he would run to find more, come back and continue throwing them at the officers."

But that wasn't all.

"[Juberian] moved to a bus shelter, found a rock and threw that at police officers, then found a chunk of concrete the size of a baseball and threw it at officers," the complaint adds. "The concrete landed on an officer's foot."

Officers were eventually able to subdue Juberian with a "stun blow."

Minneapolis Police Department spokesman John Elder couldn't confirm whether the officer who was hit by the chunk of concrete allegedly thrown by Juberian required medical attention. Two officers were hospitalized following Thursday's riot, which was precipitated by the Gophers' stunning last-second victory over North Dakota in the semifinal.

In 2013, Juberian was recognized as an All-MIAC First Team linebacker for his performance during his junior season at Augsburg. Here's his football bio:

Juberian faces up to five years in prison for the felony rioting charge alone.

There's a chance he won't be the only one charged with a felony in connection with the Dinkytown shenanigans. Last night, the MPD announced that an investigator "is reviewing dozens of video clips and photographs as a part of [the] investigation" into Saturday night's riot.

Any charge that falls short of a felony would be prosecuted by the Minneapolis authorities, not Hennepin County.

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