Michael Hudalla pleads guilty to racketeering charges

Twin Cities motorcycle king Michael Hudalla pleaded guilty to two felony counts of racketeering last week in Hennepin County court.

Hudalla's plea came just before jury selection was scheduled to begin in preparation for his trial.

He is expected to receive about six years in prison, according to the Hennepin County prosecutor's office.

Hudalla was the subject of our April 27 feature, "Born to Lie," which chronicled the entrepreneur's rise in the Minneapolis biker scene.

Hudalla's mortgage company, Enzo Mortgage Group, caught the attention of prosecutors last year. According to the October 2010 charges, he profited off a pattern of criminal activity and then knowingly invested those proceeds in an enterprise or property.

All told, prosecutors say Hudalla made at least $317,000.

Sentencing is scheduled for January 27.

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