Michael Hansen, convicted of killing baby, released pending a retrial

Michael Hansen is free until his September 26 retrial.

Michael Hansen is free until his September 26 retrial.

Michael Hansen has spent six years in prison for killing his own baby. Now, with new information that advocates claim proves Hansen's innocence, he's been released from prison and is going to get a second trial.

Hansen was convicted in May 2004 of killing his infant daughter, Avyronna, and sentenced to 14 years behind bars. The Innocence Project, the legal research group that takes on flawed convictions, looked further into Hansen's case, and now claims that the evidence against him was the result of shoddy work by a medical examiner.

Hansen's new trial is scheduled to start in September, and until then he's been freed on bail. As he walked out of the Douglas County Jail today, Hansen was greeted by a cheering crowd of relatives, according to MPR.


Hansen told MPR he wants to spend the time between now and his retrial with his family.

"I just want to sit by the lake and have one of my mom's home cooked dinners," he said. "That's what I look forward to."

Hansen was convicted after a jury heard evidence from Michael McGee, a Ramsey County medical examiner who said Hansen was responsible for a skull fracture that killed Avyronna, who was three months old.

Lawyers for the Innocence Project say five doctors who reviewed McGee's work on the autopsy concluded that a more likely cause of Avyronna's death was suffocation. At the time of her death, the baby was sleeping on her stomach, face-down on a futon mattress just next to Hansen and her three-year-old sister.

Hansen's second trial is scheduled to start September 26.