Michael Freeman steps up attack on Voter ID amendment [VIDEO]

Michael Freeman steps up attack on Voter ID amendment [VIDEO]
Freeman on Voter ID: "That's Wrong."

Hennepin County Attorney Michael Freeman stepped up his opposition to the Voter ID amendment today, deriding the Republican-backed measure as an expensive answer to a problem that doesn't exist.

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In a video released Thursday, Freeman calls himself an expert on election law, noting his office is in charge of prosecuting voting violations in Hennepin County.

"In the rare instances where a crime was committed, we've investigated and prosecuted those cases," says Freeman, a former DFL legislator.

If passed this November, Freeman says the amendment would cost $50 million to implement, money he argues could be put to better use.

"My concern about the photo ID amendment is it will reduce the opportunity for a number of people to vote," he says. "People such as students, such as seniors, such as military serving overseas, and absentee voters, and the voting rights of our newest citizens. That's wrong."

The $50 million number has been cited by Secretary of State Mark Ritchie -- who's also opposed to the amendment -- over the past few months, but as Minnesota Public Radio noted a couple weeks ago, that number is disputed by proponents of the amendment.

Here's Freeman's video:

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