Michael Cuddyer, Joe Mauer birthday raps: Videos Of The Day

Down with Cuddyer, Up North.
Down with Cuddyer, Up North.

James Erickson and Zach Finney, UMD homies, produced an awesomely geeky birthday rap for Twins right fielder Michael Cuddyer a few weeks ago that went from viral video to ESPN.

Cuddyer himself praised the video via Twitter, and pretty soon the Twins came asking for more. So the two students dubbed themselves "The Official Birthday Boys," brought their A game to Target Field, and came up with The Joe Mauer Birthday Rap.

Here's the Cuddyer birthday video:

And here they are, with "the Mauer shake,' and a hit on his shampoo deal. He may not be laughing too much, since he's just been placed on the disabled list:

More Mauer Moments:

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