Michael Brodkorb's Twitter feed offers insight into life during Amy Koch controversy

Michael Brodkorb's Twitter feed is getting too strange to ignore.

Brodkorb, a longtime powerhouse of Minnesota's Republican Party, lost his positions with the GOP senate communications staff and Sen. Mike Parry's congressional campaign last week in the wake of the scandal surrounding recently resigned Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch's "inappropriate relationship."

Dogged by questions about his untimely departure -- and whether it's related to news of Koch's affair with a subordinate senate staffer who has yet to be named -- Brodkorb has spent the past five days keeping the world apprised of his thoughts on everything except the pressing matter at hand.

It's an interesting social media strategy, so we decided to examine his tweets in an effort to read the tea leaves.

First, let's rewind to December 12. Back then, Brodkorb still worked for the GOP, and everything was going swimmingly:

This sunshine was so uncharacteristic of Brodkorb, he had to follow it up with another tweet to testify that his account had not been hacked.

This movie is helping Michael Brodkorb get through a tough time.
This movie is helping Michael Brodkorb get through a tough time.

But the days to come would not be as pleasant.

Last Wednesday, Brodkorb was confronted by Secretary of the Senate Cal Ludeman, and told he no longer worked for the GOP. The story of his ouster officially broke Friday.

Hours later, Brodkorb decided to watch a movie -- the 1981 Brian De Palma flick "Blow Out." The movie is a political thriller about a governor running for president who is found dead after his car plunges into the water with a prostitute in the driver's seat.

It was an interesting choice, given the circumstances, but Brodkorb gave it a rave review at 1:44 a.m. Saturday:

By the next day, every newspaper in town was reporting on news of Koch's affair with a senate staffer, as well as Brodkorb's departure from the senate. With rumors flying, Brodkorb seemed to be trying to project an air of obliviousness:

He later explained that he never would have bought Planet of the Apes had he known that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals had given the film its blessing:

In between movies, Brodkorb devoted time to getting in shape and making sure he looked dapper:

By Tuesday, Brodkorb's movie marathon had brought him to Green Lantern. He panned it, and in the process revealed that he's a closet comic book geek:

So what does it all amount to? Is it snark? Some kind of ingenious strategy to throw the press off his scent? The incoherent ramblings of a broken man?

Brodkorb ain't talking, so we'll watch his Tweets for answers.

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