Michael Brodkorb's attorney "blindsided" by "unsanctioned" meeting with senators

Michael Brodkorb met today with Senate Majority Leader Dave Senjem and his deputy, Julianne Ortman, without informing his attorney, Phillip Villaume.

Villaume found out about the meeting from a reporter at MPR and was "alarmed" that Brodkorb had a meeting, which Villaume said was "a by-chance meeting." When we pointed out that Sen. Senjem confirmed having a 20 minute meeting with Brodkorb to Fox 9, Villaume called it a "problem."

"As I said, it wasn't lawyer-sanctioned. We knew nothing about it. We were blindsided by this," Villaume said. "I would not have authorized it nor would I have sanctioned the meeting under any circumstances since both parties are represented by counsel."

Villaume kept saying he's "not too happy" about the meeting.

"It's unusual and peculiar and I'm obviously not happy about it but what's happened happened," Villaume said.

Brodkorb has been threatening litigation against the Minnesota Senate for months over his December firing.

Brodkorb lost his plum gig as the Senate Republican caucus' communications chief following the resignation of his paramour, Amy Koch. Koch, the former Senate Majority Leader, resigned after senators confronted her about the affair with Brodkorb.

Brodkorb has alleged that he is the victim of gender discrimination. He claims there are numerous instances of female staffers keeping their jobs despite having affairs with married legislators.

In March, a Republican senator told City Pages that Brodkorb wasn't fired over the affair. Rather, Brodkorb was fired for creating a hostile work environment and would've been fired sooner if not for Koch's protection. (Brodkorb denied the accusation.)

Reached for comment this afternoon, both Koch and Brodkorb declined to discuss the meeting with Republican leaders.

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