Michael Brodkorb wants to settle invasion of privacy lawsuit with Senate

On the same day his client was having an "unsanctioned" meeting with Senate Majority Leader Dave Senjem, Michael Brodkorb's attorney, Phillip Villaume, sent Senjem a letter suggesting "that we sit down for early mediation on this matter in order to try and reach a global settlement."

Damn! Though it was costing taxpayers a lot of dough, we were looking forward to Villaume entering a courtroom and telling us about all the female legislative staffers who have boinked superiors yet kept their jobs. But a settlement would prevent that salacious information from ever seeing the light of day.

In the June 25 letter, Villaume focuses on the allegation that Secretary of the Senate Cal Ludeman invaded Brodkorb's privacy by telling reporters Brodkorb had applied for unemployment benefits and been denied. "Mr. Brodkorb's unemployment information is "absolutely privileged" and by releasing said information, Cal Ludeman and the State of Minnesota are liable to Mr. Brodkorb for invasion of privacy," Villaume writes.

Villaume then gives attorney Senate counsel Dayle Nolan and Senjem a July 16 deadline to notify him "if you do not want to mediate this matter within the next month or two."

Curiously, Villaume's letters makes no mention of Brodkorb's promised gender discrimination lawsuit, but does mention that "Mr. Brodkorb reserves the right to include other tort claims."

The Senate has already spent more than $50,000 on Nolan's legal services (according to the Star Tribune, the legal tab is now at nearly $85,000), but that's still a drop in the bucket compared to the $500,000 or more Brodkorb is seeking. Ludeman has previously said that the Senate will not settle with Brodkorb, MPR reports, so Villaume may not be able to avoid having to argue in support of the invasion of privacy claim in a courtroom.

To read Villaume's letter, click to page two.


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