Michael Brodkorb steps down from Minnesota Republican Party to volunteer on Mike Parry's campaign


Michael Brodkorb is resigning as deputy chairman of the Republican Party in Minnesota to volunteer on state Sen. Mike Parry's run for U.S. Congress.

Parry announced Friday that he would run against Congressman Tim Walz in the First Congressional District, a major move on the part of Republicans to reclaim a traditionally conservative seat.

Going out on a confident note, Brodkorb said he has "no regrets" about his time with the state GOP, citing his own hard work as part of the Republicans' surprise wins at the polls in November.

Brodkorb has been a controversial figure in the past as a man who played a major role in the government shutdown and barred journalists from the GOP convention.

With any luck, Brodkorb will bring some of that same controversy to Parry's campaign. In his resignation statement, Brodkorb says he "swung for the fences every day" and promises to take that energy to Parry's campaign.

Here, via True North blog, are a couple of other choice snippets form Brodkorb's resignation statement:

"I stood in boardrooms to raise money for the Party; I stood on street corners in sub-zero weather, bundled with clothes to wave signs for our candidates and after exhausting days of knocking on doors, I slept on your couches (likely snoring!) when I was too tired to make the long drive back home to the Twin Cities. I did everything I could to build our party and win more elections, and working alongside many of you, we accomplished it!"

"Chairman Tony Sutton: Thank you! Leading a major political party is brutal. The hours, the scrutiny, physical threats, personal insults and that is just the list for first things Monday mornings. Tony is the best there is. He genuinely loves the Party and loves the activists. Tony has raised records amounts of money, oversaw the take-over of the Legislature and brought the Party back together by being transparent, inclusive and open to change. Tony's accomplishments as Chair are too numerous to mention. More importantly, Tony is a class act of a man. Honest, caring, empathetic and loyal. I am fortunate we are friends."

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