Michael Brodkorb says DFL refused to yield too [VIDEO]

Sen. Dick Cohen (DFL-St. Paul) is pretty unhappy that three Republicans refused to answer his questions about their budget bill last week. Now, a GOP operative says he shouldn't be.

Earlier this week we posted a video from the Senate showing Sens. Mike Parry (R-Waseca), Bill Ingebrigtsen (R-Alexandria), and Warren Limmer (R-Maple Grove) refusing to yield to answer Cohen's budget bill questions. But Michael Brodkorb, a GOP strategist now acting as communications director for the Senate Majority Caucus, says that Cohen isn't being straight.

"His comments afterward about never seeing this type of activity before on the floor I think is patently ridiculous," Brodkorb says.

Brodkorb points out that in the end of the 2009 session, Democrats completely ignored Republicans' requests to ask more questions.

And he has a video to prove it:

But the truth is that the two situations are actually pretty different. In 2009, the Senate was in the middle of a roll call vote, after all debate was supposed to be closed. When Cohen asked his question last week, the bill was up for debate on the Senate floor--the appointed time for asking questions.

"I can't think of another situation that's parallel to that, where they just literally refused to answer questions," says David Schultz of Hamline University. "It's pretty unusual--and I've been observing it for 15 years."

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