Michael Brodkorb leaves Mike Parry congressional campaign

More bad news for Minnesota Republicans: Michael Brodkorb has left state senator Mike Parry's campaign for congress.

Brodkorb had been a powerful figure in the state GOP until leaving his position as a senate staffer yesterday in the midst of a huge scandal involving former Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch.

Koch's fellow Republican legislators confronted her about an "inappropriate relationship" she was having with a male staffer on Wednesday. Koch resigned her leadership position the next day and announced she won't run for re-election. Brodkorb is rumored to be the "male staffer," and his subsequent departure from the state senate and Parry's campaign fuels the speculation.

The news that Brodkorb is no longer with the Parry campaign broke earlier today at Politics in Minnesota.

Brodkorb was expected to play a major role in Parry's campaign to defeat Congressman Tim Walz. He stepped down from the state Republican Party earlier this fall to volunteer for Parry, a move that gave Parry's candidacy momentum.

Brodkorb used to run a website, Minnesota Democrats Exposed, that trafficked in gossip about his political rivals. He published the site anonymously but was forced to reveal his identity during a libel suit that was ultimately dismissed, lending a certain irony to Koch's downfall and Brodkorb's possible role in it.

Neither Koch nor Brodkorb has commented on the speculation. Koch's Twitter has been completely silent for a few days; Brodkorb tweeted earlier today but did not address the controversy. He said he's got a pleasant Saturday night planned, consisting of Planet of the Apes and a possible trip to Bed Bath and Beyond.

I've actually got a nice little Saturday planned; Excercise, Planet of the Apes, Fright Night, maybe I'll hit Bed Bath & Beyond
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