Michael Brodkorb files paperwork to begin lawsuit against Minnesota Senate

Michael Brodkorb declined to take questions at a press conference this afternoon announcing that he has filed paperwork with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to begin a lawsuit against the Minnesota Senate.

Through his attorney Gregory Walsh, Brodkorb announced that he will be suing Secretary of the Senate Cal Ludeman for defamation after Ludeman accused Brodkorb of trying to "extort" a payment.

Walsh said the Senate has been "unwilling" to move the process along so they've filed a request with the EEOC for a "right-to-sue" notice, a necessary first step to formally filing a federal gender discrimination lawsuit.

"Our goal is to have the Senate agree to mediation," Walsh said.

That, Walsh said, is nothing new. Brodkorb's goal has always been to "get quietly to the table."

Cal Ludeman fired Michael Brodkorb, then he accused him of extorting the Minnesota Senate
Cal Ludeman fired Michael Brodkorb, then he accused him of extorting the Minnesota Senate

Brodkorb was fired by the Minnesota Senate last December, following former Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch's resignation after her fellow Republicans confronted her with allegations she was having an affair with Brodkorb.

Brodkorb claims his termination amounts to gender discrimination and has said he will depose female staffers who have had affairs with male legislators to prove his claim.

Secretary of the Senate Ludeman personally fired Brodkorb last December at the Moose Country restaurant in Lilydale.

A Republican senator spoke to City Pages earlier this week and said Brodkorb wasn't fired for having an affair with Amy Koch.

According to that senator, Brodkorb had been protected by Koch from being punished for "abusive" behavior around the statehouse even though "numerous" senators complained about the former Senate Republican caucus communications director.

Brodkorb has denied those claims.


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