Michael Brodkorb domestic dispute: Wife called 911 because "the level of anger in Michael's voice scared both her and their three children"


Michael Brodkorb had a domestic dispute with his wife this summer.

Michael Brodkorb had a "verbal argument" with his wife this summer that frightened her so much that she called the cops, according to a police report obtained by City Pages.

Around noon on June 5, Eagan Police were summoned to Brodkorb's home by his wife, Sarah Beth Brodkorb, who told the responding officer that she and her husband had been having "marital issues" and had gotten into an argument that morning.

Sarah reported that Michael had thrown a kid's toy -- though it wasn't aimed at her -- during the dispute, and stormed out of the house. Michael "slammed the door causing a frame to break."

Sarah Brodkorb called 911 because "the level of anger in Michael's voice scared both her and their three children," according to the police report. [jump]

Michael Brodkorb was gone by the time the responding officer arrived, but called "a few times" while the cop was there, according to the report. Michael "eventually" talked with the responding officer, who told Brodkorb he was investigating "what appeared to be a verbal domestic."

Michael told the cop that there had been a "disagreement" and was "wondering what time he could come home," according to the police report.

The officer told Brodkorb that he could come home and there would be no charges "based on the information provided."

Sarah talked longer with the officer, informing him that her brother, Gregory Wessels, was living with her and Michael. The cop told her she could call Eagan Police if she had any more problems.

At one point, the officer noticed that Sarah had "what appeared to be bruising on one of her wrists." Sarah said the bruises came from an IV treatment.

Later, the cop talked to Michael Brodkorb, who told police he and his wife had been having a "disagreement due to marital discord" and that there was "no physical violence."

The report provides an interesting look into Brodkorb's home life in the midst of the ongoing controversy over Amy Koch's "inappropriate relationship" with a direct subordinate widely rumored to be Brodkorb.

Brodkorb had been a powerful figure in the state GOP until abruptly leaving his position as Koch's communications chief on Friday. On Saturday, news broke that Brodkorb had also stopped working for state Sen. Mike Parry's congressional campaign.


Amy Koch was having an inappropriate relationship with a staffer rumored to be Michael Brodkorb.

See the full police report for Michael Brodkorb's domestic dispute here


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