Michael Brodkorb denies creating hostile work environment at Senate

Michael Brodkorb has responded to this morning's story alleging he created a hostile work environment at the Minnesota Senate.

Brodkorb's attorney Phil Villaume called to say "comments by your source in the midst of pending litigation reach an all-time low."

A Republican Senator claims Brodkorb created a hostile work environment months before he was fired. The source characterized Brodkorb as "abusive" and said "numerous" senators complained to former Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch.

"I would vehemently deny he was abusive," Villaume said. "Those comments being made about him are highly inappropriate and uncalled for."

Villaume disputes that anyone complained about Brodkorb at the Minnesota Senate.

"In his employment history with the Senate he had no complaints," Villaume said. "He had an excellent reputation, considered to be brilliant and a genius in his field of expertise."

Brodkorb, the Republican Senate caucus' former communications director until he was fired in December following Koch's resignation, was held in "high regard" by senators, staffers and lobbyists, Villaume said.

"They revered him," Villaume explained.

Villaume says he hasn't personally spoken to "that many" people about Brodkorb's reputation but says he's "gotten feedback from reporters about his reputation."

WCCO's Esme Murphy called Brodkorb "brilliant" during a radio interview Saturday, Villaume said. "That's primarily what I was speaking of."

Villaume acknowledged that a person can be both brilliant and abusive, but again "vehemently" denied Brodkorb was ever abusive to anyone at the capitol.

"Abusive is not a word anybody I've spoken to would use to describe him," Villaume said.

Michael Brodkorb called this morning to let us know Villaume would be responding. Brodkorb asked us to contact him if his attorneys don't return messages seeking comment.

"You obviously made an effort to get a hold of me which I appreciate but I want to make sure my attorneys are responding," Brodkorb said.


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