Michael Andrist busted for driving after injecting bath salts

Michael Andrist looks like he could use a relaxing bath.

Michael Andrist looks like he could use a relaxing bath.

Michael Andrist was arrested Sunday for breaking the state's new law against synthetic drugs, and breaking the state's old law against driving like a maniac.

Andrist was seen driving down Highway 52, swerving onto the shoulder, down into the ditch, and back onto the road at 70 miles an hour. When he was pulled over, Andrist admitted to police that he'd injected himself with bath salts.

This is not what Bed Bath & Beyond had in mind.


Andrist, 46, of Rochester, might be the first felony prosecution under the state's new ban of synthetic drugs, which went into effect July 1.

After police got a call about a swerving blue pickup, one cop spotted Andrist's blue pickup coming over a hill.

"The vehicle had large amounts of grass hanging from the front bumper and the undercarriage of the truck and was still driving on the shoulder of the roadway," according to the complaint.

Ignoring the police siren, Andrist drove another half-mile before pulling over. When the cop came to his window, Andrist wasn't sure why he'd been pulled over. Then again, he also didn't know where he was.

He probably knows now: Andrist is in Dakota County Jail, facing three counts of first degree DWI, and one count of fleeing. His bail was set at $150,000.