Michael Allen Butler blames car crash on puking dog

Rub the tummy at your own risk

Rub the tummy at your own risk

We know all about the dog eating the homework. But a puking dog causing a car crash?

That's 18-year-old Michael Allen Butler's story.

The Lewiston man called Winona police the other day to fess up to crashing his car into a utility pole and leaving it there last Thursday.

Witnesses told police that Butler was last seen leaving the area while waking a beagle.

Police say Butler claimed he lost control of his car and crashed after the dog began "throwing up all over him."

The tale passed the sniff test: Cops checking out the crash site said Butler's car did indeed smell like puke.

Bonus: He admitted to the cops that he didn't have auto insurance and a valid Minnesota driver's license.

Talk about coming clean.