Metrodome wrecking ball photo features Miley

Today, after a more than 30-year run, the torn-apart, deflated, blown-up Metrodome mercifully met the wrecking ball.

That development got the gears in Luke Hellier's head turning. Why not commemorate the occasion with some fancy photoshop work featuring Ms. "Wrecking Ball" herself, Miley Cyrus?

So here's what Hellier, an account executive with the Public Affairs Company, came up with:
-- Luke Hellier (@lukehellier) February 13, 2014 Asked about his creation, Hellier credited the Star Tribune photographer who took the original, unphotoshopped pic.

"Glenn Stubbe does amazing work for the Star Tribune. And when I think wrecking ball, I think Miley Cyrus," Hellier told us. "So it was just natural to combine the two together."

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